Norfolk Airport is about to

Norfolk International Airport (ORF) is undertaking the largest modernization endeavor since the opening of the existing departures terminal in 1974. This includes phased projects that will enhance the passenger experience and increase operational efficiencies for the airlines, tenants and Norfolk Airport Authority.

As the major airport serving coastal Virginia and northeast North Carolina, Norfolk Airport ranks in the top 13% of U.S. airports with more than 4.5 million passengers and more than 75,000 flight operations in 2023. Skytrax has awarded Norfolk Airport a 4-Star Regional Airport rating. Among 572 airports rated in the 2023 survey, Norfolk Airport was one of just seven 4-Star airports in the United States. Skytrax annual ratings are known as a global benchmark of airport standards.

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Concourse A

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Gateway to the Future

Concourse A Expansion Will Meet Growing Demand

Concourse A will add three new gates and holdrooms, as well as new restrooms. This added capacity will replace current ground loading facilities and provide gate-connected overnight aircraft parking. Groundbreaking is targeted for fall 2024 with an estimated completion in winter 2025-26.

Moving Walkways

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Moving with Ease

A Seamless Journey is Coming

To facilitate passenger transfer between the Arrivals and Departures terminals, moving walkways will be installed on the pedestrian bridge between the two buildings. This project is expected to begin in spring 2024 with anticipated completion in spring 2025.


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Touch Down in Comfort

New Hotel Landing at Norfolk Airport

The Norfolk Airport Authority has partnered with ORF Hospitality Partners to introduce the Courtyard by Marriott, redefining airport hospitality with its strategic location and exceptional amenities.

Situated adjacent to the Departures Terminal and accessible via pedestrian bridge, the hotel will provide seamless navigation for passengers and airline crews and offer a remarkable onsite travel experience. The Courtyard by Marriott is expected to take 18-24 months to construct upon completion of design.

Courtyard by Marriott hotels offer unique features that cater to the needs of modern travelers, blending innovation, style, and comfort to create a dynamic hotel experience. Work will break ground in summer 2024 with an expected completion date in winter 2026-27.

Rendering Subject to Change

International Arrivals

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Streamlined Security

Norfolk Airport to Add Modernized International Arrivals Facility

In conjunction with the Concourse A expansion project, a new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Federal Inspection Services facility will be constructed. Designed in coordination with CBP to process international passengers, it will also include a Global Entry processing center. Groundbreaking is targeted for late fall 2024 with completion by winter 2025-26.

Runway Rehab

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Paving Progress

Runway Upgrade in Full Swing

Norfolk Airport has undertaken a runway rehabilitation project to repair aging asphalt and concrete portions of the primary air carrier Runway 05/23. Phase 1 began in April 2023 and required nightly runway closures and a reduction of runway length to 6,800 feet. This phase was completed in November 2023. Phase 2 began in March 2024 with an expected completion in fall-winter 2024. This project will extend the life of Runway 05/23 by more than 20 years.

Car Rental

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Car Rental Redefined

A Modernized Rental Facility

A new rental car facility will be built south of the Departures Terminal to consolidate all rental car companies into one location with rentals, pickups and return service functions taking place under one roof. Quick turnaround (QTA) facilities are efficient for both customers and rental car agencies and reduce the need to take cars offsite for servicing. Relocating car rentals will also return existing garage spaces for public parking use. Stay tuned for more details on the construction timeline.

On Approach

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Planning for the Future

Terminal Development Projects

Terminal Development Projects are undertaken to increase airport operating efficiencies for the passengers, airlines, tenants and TSA. Construction dates are not yet determined but plans tentatively include:

These include:

  • Consolidated check-in lobby
  • Consolidated TSA checkpoint
  • Consolidated Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS)
  • Expanded baggage make-up area
  • New shipping and receiving area